Foot Bath Detox: Testimonial

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Here is my interesting experience with Relief Scientists and their so-called “Foot Detox” device. At first I was very skeptical (emphasis on very)… Being a tech-savvy person, I find it hard to trust anything that is shown to me online-- especially on Facebook and Instagram! If you’re like me then you probably prefer doing research before pulling the trigger on any purchase decision or action.

This first caught my eye as I was scrolling on Facebook. First thought that came to mind was “What in the world is that dirty, mucky water?!” and so I had to find out…

Turns out that “mucky water” was an indicator for what kind of toxins were coming out of your body.

After several hours of research, I discovered many people were claiming this was a scam... which was misleading because there were also many people that claimed it was “AMAZING”. I came to further realize that people claiming it were a scam weren’t the people that actually went, bought and used the product.

Before I went and tried this for myself, I wanted to make sure that Relief Scientists had a good return policy and customer service-- that’s a big selling point for me.

Relief Scientists offer the standard 30-day money-back guarantee policy and hassle-free replacement policy (which is good enough for me!) The chat widget on their site is also very useful.


I really like this device. I spend a lot of time on my feet as a construction worker so I get exposed to a lot of toxins and get sore feet every day. This device has been a GOD-SEND for that.

Hopefully, my testimonial helps anyone on the fence… Give it a try, they have a great team backing this product and a great product overall. They gave me a discount code to give to my followers. Use code TAN25 to save 25% off your first order at